• The Elephant Trunk Hill is located at the joining point of the Lijiang and Yangjiang Rivers and, as its name suggests, it looks very much like a giant elephant drinking water with its trunk. Half way up the hill, there is a cave that punctures the surface of the hill, serving as the eyes of the "elephant." At the top of the hill there is a pagoda named the Puxian Pagoda, erected in the Ming Dynasty. It resembles a sword hilt, or a magic vase, depending on your mood. Elephant Trunk Hill is regarded as the emblem of Guilin.

  • Winding through amidst the mountains and past the villages, the Lijiang River is an ever-present witness to the fantastic peaks, clear green waters and festooned fields.

  • The Lingqu Canal, dug in 2l4 BC, is one of the three largest water conservation projects of ancient China and the oldest existing canal in the world. Lingqu canal provided a transportation route for Emperor Qin''s crusade against southern China, thus making it possible for him to unify the whole country. Lingqu Canal is divided into the northern and the southern sections, with a total length of 21miles.

  • This hill consists of many layers of variously colored rocks. It is reminiscent of multicolored melted wax, a sight that should not be missed.

  • Reed Flute Cave is located on the southern shoulder of Guangming Hill, 4 miles northwest of the city. The cave is 788 feet deep and one third of a mile long. Reed Flute Cave is a marvelous limestone cave containing a large number of colorful and imposing stalactites, stalagmites, rocky curtains, and cave corals. It is a favorite destination for both the visitors and locals of Guilin.

  • The Seven Star Park is on the eastern side of the Li River, which covers 296 acres and includes peaks, rivers, caves, gardens and relics. Putuo Peak is the most premier attraction of the park because of its karst caves and pavilions. Among the caves is Seven Star Cave, which was an underground river a million years ago. There are three stories written in the cave. The middle story was written with 2,670 feet long is open to visitors. Fantastic stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are very attractive. The pavilions on Putuo Peak are also exquisite.

  • The essence of Yangshuo County resides in the ethereal landscape that surrounds it. It was once said, "the landscape of Yangshuo is unmatched in Guilin." Mountains standing to the south, west and north hem in Yangshuo. The mountains extend like the petals of a beautiful lotus flower.

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Guilin 4 Days 3 Nights
Guilin is an ancient city on the shore of the mesmerizing Lijiang River in northeastern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The serene mountains, sparkling waters, and exotic rocks typical of karst landmasses in the Lijiang River basin have inspired the saying'' "The landscape of Guilin is unmatched under heaven." Besides sightseeing in Guilin, this tour also includes a fascinating cruise tour on Li River to Yangshuo and visit of villages around Yangshuo area.
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Our top recommended tour of China that covers its major world heritages, tour destinations and economic symbols: the mysterious Forbidden City, the magnificent Great Wall, impressive Imperial Garden, amazing Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, poetic Li River and Yangshuo Village, peaceful minority village, modern cosmopolitans Shanghai and Hong Kong.
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