Cultural riches, diverse natural beauty and 5,000 years of history, place China among the world’s greatest travel destinations. Now undergoing a period of rapid development and modernization, this once isolated country is now opening its arms widely to the outside world. There has never been a better time to experience the splendor of China.


China is home to 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ranking the second in the world. Many of them are one-of-a-kind and well-known in the western countries: The Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Terra Cotta Warriors, Yellow Mountain, Potala Palace and Giant Panda Sanctuaries. 5,000 years of history has not only left China with hundreds of priceless heritage sites, it also preserves intangible hidden gems along the development. Peking Opera, Face-changing Show and The Making of Cloisonné Arts are just a few examples.


The old chinese said, “Food is what matters to the people”. As one of the Grand Cuisines in the world, Chinese food is renowned for its extensive variety of flavors, artisitc formations, cooking techniques, eating styles and delish tastes. There are more than dozens of culinary traditions in China from Manzhu Han Imperial Feast to local snacks on the street. Each regional cuisine is distinctive from one another. Therefore one hundred dishes have one hundred flavors.


China is the second largest country by land area and has the most populartion of 13 billions in the world. A total of 56 Chinese Ethnic Groups have spread out across the country. Each Ethnic Group has its own traditions, language, writings and living preferences. Han Zu is the main Ethnic Group with 91% of the total population. The official and mostly spoken language is Mandarin, while there are also many other local dialects such as Cantonese in Hong Kong. The other 55 Ethnic Groups are called Ethnic Minorities. A great number of them reside in mountain areas of Northern and Western China and frugal villages in Yunnan Province. The Ethnic Minorities dress in traditional clothing, celebrate interesting customs and remain their old ways of living for years. Their singing and dancing skills are well recognized and much appreciated.


Sits in the heart of Asia, China has become one of the most fast-growing countries as a result of the economic reforms since 1978. Skyscapers are built and cosmopolitans are taken shaped. International brands, hotels, restaurants and stores have moved to China, making a perfect fusion of world taste. While the western influence is continuously diffusing throughout the country, many regions are still immersed in the oriental atmosphere. For example, life along the Grand Canal in Suzhou is the same as it is thousands of years ago.

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