Mag Vacations, with its headquarters in Chicago, IL, is a professional and comprehensive travel service company  and leading tour operator in the North American community. Along with our global travel partners, we have been providing guided group tours and private vacations spanning hundreds of cities in China and Asia to all walks of people. For over a decade, we help thousands of travelers explore the essence of regional culture, history, landscapes, cuisines, living styles and most importantly the people in the exotic lands.

Our goal has remained unchanged ever since the launch of Mag Vacations. That is to offer unparalleled products at affordable prices. Our awe-inspiring tours feature authentic local experiences with a great selection of fascinating sightseeing programs. Because we are from the destinations, we know exactly what to explore for cultural charms, where to discover hidden gems and how to get the most excitement out of all. By working closely with a vast list of airlines, hotels, restaurants and other on-the-ground service providers, we are able to pass the best deals and unbeatable savings along to our guests directly and exclusively. We dare to compare!

Our group tours are handled carefully from start to finish in every possible way. The itinerary is handcrafted by destination specialists whom have traveled extensively and known the very best the regions have to offer. To keep our standard of quality service, the hotels are mindfully inspected and continuously monitored. We also only choose reputable local service providers. On top of all, you are backed up by a 24/7 quality control group with English-speaking representatives so you can travel worry-free.

Our team is full of travel experts and destination specialists whom are passionate about bringing you a life-changing experience. Starting from your reservation, our knowledgeable tour consultants work one-on-one with you, answer all questions, address any concerns and help you find or build your dream vacation. While on the road, our tour guides do not only deliver you to the sites and take care of your daily needs, but also be able to share an in-depth perspective of the past and present of the region through personal insights.

Our expertise in Tailor-made Itineraries is incomparable. Almost half of our guests are traveling privately and have completed a tremendous achievement in their lives. Sending you to the places on your bucket list is simple but we do more than that by taking you deep into the unusuals and beyond. Throughout the years, we have successfully arranged a variety of private tours, from the one-of-a-kind Chinese Cuisine Tour to all levels of educational trips, romantic honeymoons to company conferences. We are extremely proud for providing you with unique aspects of travel to one of the fastest growing destinations in the world.

Mag Vacations is always adhering to the promise of having our guests’ best interest and comfort at heart. We sincerely invite you to come and join us in exploring the charming China and Asia, in which you are guaranteed unforgettable Mag Vacations.
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