• When is the best time to visit China and Southeast Asia?

Generally speaking, one can visit China and many other countries in SE Asia at any time during the year. Although most people prefer spring and fall for comfortable weather, others travel in less popular seasons when there are fewer tourists on the go. Some attractions may have their own limitation. A Yangtze River Cruise Tour will only operate from March to November as the water is frozen in winter.

• What is the weather like in China?

China is a huge country with varied climates. In general, the north is cold and dry in winter. In the south, summer is hot and humid. The raining season is in July and August. Climate in Hong Kong is sub-tropical, similar to that of Hawaii. Please check out Climate for details.

• When are the Chinese Golden Weeks?

1) Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year): This changes from time to time and usually falls in between the end of January to mid-February. Many businesses will be closed for 7-10 days.
2) Labor Day Holiday (May 1st): 5/1-5/3
3) National Day Holiday (October 1st Golden Week): 10/1-10/7 While many businesses will be closed, most scenic sites remain open and are crowded. During these holidays, airfares will be a little higher and seats are subject to availability. We suggest that you book your tours as early as possible.

• Are departures guaranteed?

Unless otherwise stated, most of our tours are guaranteed departures with as few as two deposit-paid passengers.

• What is the average number of travelers in your group tour?

Group size varies by tour. An average of 15-35 is expected for Super Value and Deluxe Groups. The maximum number for a Luxury Group is 20.

• Will I be traveling with someone from other countries?

Yes, you may. Most of the group members will be from the United States just as you. Travelers booked through our Canada, Australia and UK offices may also join the same group.

• Will I have free time while on the tour?

Depending on your choice of tour, there may be a half day or a full day free on your own in one or more cities. Please refer to each itinerary for daily activities.

• Do I need a vaccination?

Vaccinations are not required for travel in China and Southeast Asia with the exception of anyone coming from or via an infected area. We suggest that you consult your physician before travel.

• Can I request a vegetarian meal?

Your special dietary requirements could be submitted at the time of booking. Free vegetarian meals can be arranged unless you would like to dine in a vegetarian only restaurant and be away from the rest of the group at an extra cost.

• Do you provide 3 meals a day?

Typically your breakfasts will be served at hotels and lunches and dinners at local restaurants. Per each itinerary, you may have one or two evenings free to enjoy your own dining.

• Do you have tour guides speaking in other western languages?

If you need non-English-speaking tour guides, please let us know at the time of booking. Arrangements could be made at an additional cost.
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