There is a reason why hundreds of thousands of leisure travelers, businessmen, more than 30 universities, schools and institution groups have chosen Mag Vacations every year. It is the urge for up-close and authentic exploration of China and Asia for leisure, adventure, culture and education.

Strong Background

Mag Vacations is exclusively partnered with China Travel Service (HK), which is one of the largest tour operators with headquarters in China, and have offices and branches scatteried over major cities in Asia. Founded in 1928, the HKCTS has become one of the leading travel service companies in the region. Having a comprehensive collaboration with the HKCTS and its affiliations enables us to more purchasing powers in hotels, airs, transportation and all sorts of travel essentials on-the-ground.

Authentic Experience

At Mag Vacations, we want you to travel with differences. We pay great attention to authenticity from start to finish. Every itinerary is personally researched and executed to follow our inherent belief of customer-oriented service. The designing process involves deep understanding on cultural and historical significance of the point-of-interest; careful examination on local hotels and restaurants. Over the years, we have been continuously perfecting our group tour itineraries so our guests will always be provided with the most up-to-date information, as well as lifetime inspiring experience.

Knowledgeable Team

Mag Vacations is a group of people who personally love to travel and have a passion in sharing our excitement on these storied lands to all the travel enthusiasts around the world. Most of our reservation team members are raised in the destination cities, and a higher percentage of them have been local tour guides in the past. Our national and local tour guides are the “insiders”. They were born and played in the region, lived through the on-going economical reform yet deeply rooted in ancient traditions. They are professionally trained to give you a full understanding of the destinations, as well as to share their unique stories and personal insights. All of them speak in fluent English so you will not have any language barriers whatsoever.

Unbeatable Value

At Mag Vacations, you are guaranteed an all-inclusive journey. We only choose 4 to 5-star hotels in almost all destinations, whereas other similar tour operators use 3-stars to reduce their costs. Booking at the same or even lower rate from us, your dollars are worth every penny with value-added accommodations. In some distant cities such as Lhasa where branded hotels are not available, local best substitutions will be in place nonetheless. We also book you on luxurious 5-star cruise vessels instead of the aged Victoria so you may experience a completely refresh China and Asia river cruising like never before. Our group tours are loaded with better sightseeing and cultural programs, off-the-beaten-path exploration, more meals inclusions and hassle-free travel insurance.

Customer Service

Mag Vacations is dedicated to offering tour service with exceptional customer care. You are taken good care of from the moment you contact us for an Orient vacation. Get answers to questions that you will not get elsewhere such as where to shop for the most authentic local snacks in Beijing. We continuously monitor not only the well being of our guests on-the-go, but also their overall satisfaction. Our quality control team is at your service 24/7 and equipped with English-speaking representatives to help ensure a flawless and problem-free vacation.

Price and Departure Guarantee

Once we have received your signed reservation and tour deposits, you are confirmed to depart. Your tour cost will be locked in with no additional charges despite of increase in airfare and fuel surcharges or currency fluctuations. Unless otherwise stated, with as few as two deposit-paid guests in our group tours, your departure is guaranteed. We also guarantee your price as long as full payment is received by its due date.

Peace-of-mind Travel Insurance

Mag Vacations knows how it works in traveling overseas. Throughout the years, we have learned to expect the unexpected. Therefore all of our guests are offered free Travel Accident Insurance in mainland China. In addition, Travel Medical Insurance and Travel Cancellation Insurance are also available at a reasonable price for those who may want to put a little bit more security to their travel investments.

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