Financial Analyst

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  • Location
  • Chicago, IL
  • Position
  • Part-time

Job Description
- Analyze company's financial data to evaluate profitability for new assets allocation. Make recommendations and assist the senior management to determine the investment strategies of adding new lines of services, opening branches of the company in new locations, the feasibility of major business expansions with existing base, or otherwise diversify the company's business operation models.
- Improve business intelligence by building written report of profitability evaluation.
- Analyze the culture, business environment, and political conditions between the regions of America, China and other global tourist regions that we cover.
- Simulate fundamental tourism factors in scenario analysis and stress test, and back testing the investment impacts on business existing position.
- Review current and historical financial data to analyze and evaluate demand and investing trend for leisure and business related travels.
- Determine cost of travel service operations by establishing efficient costs and services pricing system.
- Analyze and evaluate the risk in investment decisions and determine how to manage unpredictability and limit potential losses.

Mini requirements
> Bachelor degree or higher in business administration or finance;
> Experience preferred
> Solid understanding of technical details of projects
> Sharp analytical skills
> Ability to work independently and in a team environment
> Highly proficient in Excel

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