Group Tours

Group tours is one of the most common way in traveling to new destinations. All of our group tour packages are carelly examined by tour experts with over a decade of travel experience. Thoughout the years, we have been successfully creating and operating some of the most popular and inspiring routes for westerners in North America to explore the heart of China and Asia. In group tours, you not only visit multi-cities and multi-countries in one trip, but also enjoy all-inclusive vacations featuring authentic local experience.

Vacation Packages City Tours Specialty Tours
  Super Value Deluxe Luxury    
Destinations Multi-cities Multi-cities Multi-cities Single city Multi-cities,
Group Size Varies 20-35 Max 20 Varies Varies
Departures Year-round Year-round Year-round Daily Specific dates
Trans-pacific Air Round-trip Round-trip Round-trip None Depends
Intra-city Air Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
coach bus
coach bus
coach bus
coach bus
coach bus
Tour Guide English-speaking English-speaking English-speaking
English-speaking English-speaking
Hotels Deluxe 4-5 star Deluxe 4-5 star Luxury 5 star Deluxe 4-5 star Deluxe 4-5 star
Meals Daily breakfast,
most meals,
Daily breakfast,
most meals,
some gourmets
Daily breakfast,
most meals,
some gourmets
Daily breakfast,
most meals,
some gourmets
Daily breakfast,
most meals,
some gourmets
Admissions Most All All All All
Some Some Some Some Special
Travel Insurance Basic Basic More coverage Basic More coverage
Free Time Some Some Some Some Some
Shopping Some Few Very few Few Very few
Cost Affordable Reasonable Above average Reasonable Very few
Price and Depar
ture Guarantees
As few as 2 ppl As few as 2 ppl As few as 2 ppl As few as 2 ppl Above average
24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Good For... Value seekers Average travelers Pursue of
ultimate comfort
Cruise pre/post-tour,
or add to a business trip
Traveling with
special interests
I would like to
know more
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Private Tours

Private Tours are no difference than Group Tours, except you will enjoy a completely intimate vacation with your own group of companions. Travelling at your pace, private tour guides and chauffeur are dedicated to your needs. From an extensive selection of hotels, restaurants, sightseeing and cultural programs, our ability and experience to craft your lifetime vacation is second to none. We work for all budgets, all ages and all group sizes.
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Independent Travel
You may be more interested in traveling independently without any tour guides or a set itinerary. We understand your passion and still would like to help. Due to our partnership with destination hotels and restaurants, we are able to offer competitive hotel rates and discount air tickets. Not only will you get a lower price and save money, you are also free from online searching.

I would like to explore...
Great Wall
2,000 years, 13,000 miles.
A Wonder of The World.

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